Monday, September 20, 2021

NAFO/YFO - Day 14

Day 14

Tuesday, September 7, 2021
Distance: 501.8 miles
Duration: 7 hours, 6 minutes, and 49 seconds
Average Speed: 70.5 mph
Minimum Elevation: 378 feet
Maximum Elevation: 4241 feet

Today is get home day. My alarm goes off at 5am and the bike is already packed so all I have to do is suit up and hit the road. Not much to do in the early morning hours except watch the fascinating synchronized red flashing lights on all the windmills.

More windmills on the horizon as the sun starts to light up the sky.

Riding through Amarillo, one more day of riding into the sunrise before turning a little away as I take 287 to the Southeast. The bugs sparkle beautifully in the sun. LOL.

More windmills as the sun makes it's full presence in the sky.

After that it was a pretty unremarkable ride across terrain that I know all too well. Not much to photo or film. I did get threatened with thunderstorms at one point and was enjoying using the weather radar on the GPS but the storm had rolled through by the time I got there so all I got was sprinkles from the sky and spray from the semi trucks around me.

I rolled back through Dallas in full battle mode to deal with our traffic. I rolled into the house and was greeted by my wife and my previously angry and depressed, and now super excited dog. I got cleaned up and fresh clothes and was able to surprise my sone when he got home from school thinking I'd be home about dinner time.

A great trip in the books, the trip I've dreamed about since buying the FJR and have had to experience vicariously through the ride reports of others in the past. This time it was my turn and it was so worth it.

My FJR is fifteen years old and almost ready to hit 100k miles. She took me to see my parents in Florida earlier in the summer and now has taken me to California and back. What a treasure Yamaha has developed in this fantastic motorcycle.

Two days later I cleaned up the FJR and put on two of stickers I purchased (Forgot to grab a few stickers when getting magnets, oops) on the top box to go with the others from previous trips.

Suitable stickers to remind me of the amazing things I've seen on this trip.

Now, time to start planning for next year...

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