Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Land Cruiser rear hatch won't open - fixed.

The other day, when I was messing with the battery, I tried to open the hatch and the handle moved freely. Got inside and popped it open from there and started troubleshooting. Found the plastic clip on the inside was broken and wouldn't stay in when I shut the hatch.

Did some searching and found this thread.

CruiserDrew was a life saver linking to this on Amazon.

I thought I'd get just one but nope, it's a bag of them for six bucks delivered.

Good one on the right, broken tab on the left.

Slight problem though, if you look at the top part, it's narrower than the Toyota one. Better seen here.

It snapped on tight, and stayed.

I wasn't completely sure it'd hold though so I put a small zip tie around it to hold it tight. Forgot to take a picture of that but you know what a zip tie looks like. Maybe this'll help someone else. Simple fix, two phillips screws, a bunch of push pins that actually DON'T break when you pop them out, and replace the plastic part.