Saturday, November 12, 2016

More Jakob Motorcycling

Today we made some good progress with Jakob's motorcycling.  We got in a lot of seat time and he's looking good out there, gaining some confidence, and having a whole lot of fun.  So much fun he was singing loudly while riding out there.

Big progress, he's starting to stand up and ride all on his own.  I've been after him to start standing up on his bicycle and he doesn't have the confidence to do it, but started doing it on the dirtbike without any prompting from me.

I like this shot of him railing a turn.

Then we found out that splashing mud puddles is fun.

He rode and rode and rode once he figured out he could do that.  You can see his huge grin inside his helmet in this shot.

All in all a great day.  The weather was fantastic and we had the place all to ourselves for about two hours before the next kids showed up.  All the kids were great out there riding around the different skill levels, including the two kids who showed up on matching Honda's and were seriously fast out there.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

First trackday on the new DRZ

Finally got the new DRZ out on the racetrack.  I took advantage of a spot that opened up for one of the last trackdays of the year put on by Ridesmart, the day before Halloween.

I started off the day with a little off track excursion as I failed in my attempt to pass a Gixxer down the straight.  Didn't quite pull it off but the DRZ handled the dirt/grass with ease.

Weather was great, unseasonably warm, but I'd rather it be on the warm side because that makes for sticky tires and a sticky track.

Here's the aforementioned gixxer on the right of the photo.

Looking over the official photographer's photos, it seems that while I wasn't the fastest guy out there, I was pretty good at being consistent while hitting my apexes pretty well.

The cone marks the apex in the turn, you'll notice that my tires are almost on the curbing so I'm using every inch of track to get there.