Sunday, December 6, 2020

Land Cruiser Passenger Seat Gear

 When I bought the Land Cruiser, one of the things the previous owner was completely transparent about was the non functioning passenger seat motor that moves it forwards or backwards.  Apparently it's common for the gears in the seats to strip out over time.  Thankfully, Gamiviti offers replacement gears for a reasonable price.

First I had to remove the seat from the truck and tear it apart to get to the gears.  Thankfully the weather was splendid today to be out doing this kind of work.

Here is the bottom of the seat where all the work is being done.

Some of the parts that needed to be removed as well to get the job completed.

The gears on both sides were stripped out.  Here you can see one of the new gears pressed onto the shaft compared with the two old gears next to it.

One thing also that happens that contributes to the gear stripping out is the below end cap comes out and gets lost.  Gamiviti provides those as well.  The youtube video Gamiviti published to show how to do this job recommends drilling the piece and putting a set screw in to keep it from coming out again.  The screw cap was pretty loose so I followed the directions and installed the set screw as well.

Once back in the truck it works like new again.  I'm now able to move the seat forward and give Jakob some more legroom in the back.

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