Sunday, July 1, 2018

DRZ July 1 2018 Update

It's been a while since I posted an update on the DRZ.  So, looks like since the last update I got the Acerbis fuel tank fixed.  The right petcock would leak out of and around the dial and since it's kind of old and the petcock is cheap on amazon I ordered a new one.  Oops, I didn't realize that the right and left side petcocks are different.

So since I ended up with a left side petcock, I kept it and ordered up a right side one.  Now I've replaced both so we are good as new.

I also added a new fuel tank vent hose with one way valve.

She was also way past due on a new battery so I ordered up a Yuasa YT8B-BS battery. Cranks very well now.

So now I started in on the starting woes. She'd start but would only run on choke and then would just suddenly die as if someone shut it off. I went through all manner of checking things that were all good. I pulled the carb and cleaned it again even though I'd just done so and no good. Pulled the carb again and cleaned again more carefully this time and put it back together and she runs. Whatever.

I took MJ and Jakob out for our first tour of Barnwell Mountain. It got super hot super fast. We had a hard time finding the easy stuff so I'll have to go back and explore on my own later. Jakob ended up with a flat tire and while I messed with his bike (before we discoverd the tire) I managed to overheat the DRZ. I'll have to keep moving, shut it off when not riding, or add a radiator fan at some point. I rode MJ's bike back to the truck and came back to retrieve all three bikes while MJ and Jakob had a spitting contest.

I've discovered a local taco shack that has excellent breakfast burritos. I'd been over previously on the GSX-S1000 but wanted to take a few of the unpaved roads between here and there on the DRZ. What a fantastic ride. I did discover that I really need to balance the wheels if I'm going to do any pavement speeds at all. I've since done this for the front but still need to pull the rear and do it.

Found the local farmer's shooting range.

I also managed to secure me a very nice Giant Loop Great Basin bag for the DRZ for when I start needing to camp off of it. This will hold a lot of gear and keep it wet should something bad happen during a river crossing.