Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Broken Subframe on the FJR

Well, I finally got bitten by the broken subframe on my FJR.

It's a known weak point on the bike.  You have the frame that goes around the engine, and then bolted to the back of the frame is the "Subframe" which is the part you sit on.  Also, the rear bags hang from the subframe as well and the trunk in the back sits at the very back of the subframe.

We were riding and the tail piece of the subframe broke off.  This meant that several plastic parts such as the body work and the grab rails were holding the weight of my trunk box.  Since the frame is supposed to hold them, they started failing at a rapid rate.

My buddy was following me and saw my bag flapping around and signaled me to pull over.  Thankfully the trunk didn't fully break off because that would add to the expense of the repairs.

I ended up with eight total breaks.  Two on the subframe breaking off the tail piece.  Two grab handles broken off, a cross brace broken in the middle, one break in the right side plastic and two breaks in the left side plastic.

My buddy was riding an identical bike to mine but without the trunk.  Our initial plan was to swap my mount and box over to his to get it home.  However we didn't have the tools to get his bolts out.  I stopped him before he screwed his up as he was attacking it with a pair of pliers.  We were only about 20 minutes from home so I phoned my wife to come pick up my luggage and then rode the bike home.

Here are the pictures.

Broken cross member.

Broken subframe

Broken grab handles.

Broken fairing

Fairing broken in two places

I started disassembly, here are some pictures of the broken subframe.