Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shad SH50 Topbox

Finally got my Shad. I chose Shad after two not so great experiences with Givi customer service. Sadly though, my experience post sales with Shad was "Does not meet expectations." Prior to making the sale they were great of course.

That said, I love the case. Being able to put the key lock in a position where you don't need the key does rock. Just push button and pop it open. This is good for when I'm either warming up the bike or have the side case opened. I don't lock the case at home or for my rides, so it's just locked while I'm at work with my gear inside.

I've verified that it will indeed fit two Arai helmets inside with room to spare, not much but there's a little wiggle room. Compared to my previous Givi it's every bit as good. My main nitpicks would be as follows:

Key lock is kind of notchy. I presume it'll break in.
Matte black really shows fingerprints bad and they are hard to clean off due to the surface.

Other than that, I'm super happy. No more carrying my laptop backpack on my back. Airflow through my mesh suit is much better with that gone. Plus I'm more comfortable.

I have pictures of both the Matte black and with the silver top plate because my silver top plate didn't get shipped with my case. Shad was good and shipped it right out no questions asked though. Anyway, I tend to talk too much and delay the pictures, so here you go.

Matte Black:

Silver. Doesn't really match, but they told me it wouldn't and I don't care, it's close enough.