Tuesday, February 27, 2018

More modifications for the GSX-S1000

I've had a few updates to the bike over the last few weeks so this is a catch up post on those.

First, I finally installed the front turn signals. They are different from the rear turn signals but I think the scheme works out and you can't really see both of them together so there's no real contrast. These disappear when off much better than the stock ones and blend into the lines of the bike better, especially given the odd placement of them above and next to the headlight. I had to wait a bit to install these because I forgot the adapters for them.

I had to do some modifications to the spacers that were on the bike and cut them down to get everything to fit nice and snug and straight, but it worked out well.

Next up, it was time for a little protection for the bike. I intended to get some sliders and save on shipping costs at the Motorcycle Show in Dallas but they didn't have any there. Luckily T-Rex Racing is right here in Dallas and by my work and they gave me a nice show discount off a set of sliders, and I still saved on shipping by swinging by on my way home from work. These are some sweet sliders. I opted to not have the lettering colored in as it made the whole area of the bike too busy. I'd honstly prefer if they just offered them with no bike logo on them but that's not an option.

Then, I picked up a set of used Evotech axle sliders from a member of the GSX-S1000 forum.

And the member was nice enough to toss in this tank protector with GSX-S1000 logo on it, so I installed that as well.

Also I had this box come in.

Got it all installed and flashed. Feels better, not great, but better. Need them to figure out fuel cut and then it'll be great. Also, now I'm set if I need to be dyno tuned in the future should I decide to go with a full system exhaust.

GSX-S1000 Modifications

An updated list of mods for the 2016 Suzuki GSX-S1000

Fender Eliminator
Non-Adjustable Rizoma PT409B-410B
Turn Signals
Front Rizoma Action Signals
Rear Rizoma Blue Graffio Signals
Frame T-Rex Racing Frame Sliders
Front Axle Evotech Axle Sliders
Rear Axle Evotech Axle Sliders
ECU Flasher
On Bike FTECU Data-Link ECU Flashing Kit
Throttle Tube
Street Tamer Throttle Tube G2 40-4F-136_gsxs