Wednesday, November 24, 2021

DRZ - Adventure Spec Mini Fairing Install

 I bought this mini faring by Adventure Spec second hand from Two Wheeled Texans a while back.  I had some issues installing it on the DRZ because of clearance with the fork caps.  I was curious if the tubes were set too high and I should lower them because the previous owner of the fairing had them on a DRZ.  I ordered a shop manual and confirmed the height of the forks is correct.

I figured out a solution to this by killing two birds with one stone and ordering some Zeta 3/4" bar risers from Revzilla.

This moved the bars up making it easier when I'm standing and also gave me the clearance to install the mini fairing and my GPS mount on the fairing.  I used some 3M vinyl to try to make it match the bike and got close enough I think.  It looks better in different lighting than in the photo.  I can always take it off and leave it black if I don't like it.  I still have to run the wiring in these photos but they show how the fairing is mounted and used.  I'll need to figure out how to relocate my Vapor gauge at some point though.

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