Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Minor cosmetic updates

Nothing too terribly exciting compared to what else is going on round here. Guess that's what happens when you get a vehicle already in great shape. Not to be deterred though, there were a few cosmetic items I needed to take care of.

First up, getting rid of this thing.  It's known in the Land Cruiser community as the "Useless Cubby" because it's pretty useless for storing much of anything in it.

Fortunately there's a company called "Wits End" that makes a lot of useful items for the Land Cruiser so I picked up this that allows for you to install some RAM ball connectors there.  I have a lot of this stuff for the motorcycle so it'll be handy.  I'm already testing a phone holder there.  He's got a notch in the top of the insert to allow you to run a power cord out of there which I'll likely do in the future.

Next up, I'm missing a lot of the fancy wood trim panels. I'm ok with that as I am most assuredly NOT a fan of wood trim. However, the glue left behind is rather annoying.

I haven't vinyl wrapped anything in a long time, and wasn't great at it, but it's a nice way to dress things up. I'd previously seen some nice brushed metal black vinyl and wanted to try it. I figured I'd try on the wood around the window/lock switches first.

I'm not overly happy with it. Because of the straight line pattern it really shows where I'm not good at stretching the vinyl uniformly and ends up with some waves in places. Also, when the sun hits it, it's a very annoying bright silver color. I'll likely chalk this up to practice and try something else. Also, I noticed the door trim is wood with black paint over it around the buttons, and some of the paint is worn off. Might have to rectify that as well.

Also, I kinda broke the clock trim. I also need practice on these contours. I went back and watched some more videos and feel I can do better next time. Also, my hand was shaking when cutting and came out badly. Will redo later.

And then there was this annoying thing. 

Someone did a good job with cutting and trimming the foam stuff but really, the part is cheap. I've done a lot of fiche reading to order parts for my motorcycles but a car fiche is a different animal. This gave me some experience looking up and finding parts I need. I found the part number, checked ebay and found I could get a used one for $17 or I could order a new one for $20. Franklin Toyota had the best price to my door so they got the order.

That's it for today, I've been making a list of tiny things that need doing. It's going to be a fun truck.