Monday, September 21, 2015

Long Awaited Colorado Trip - Pre Trip

Pre Trip: 2015 was to be the year! I've finally got a little vacation time since I went from contractor to permanent at my job in July. I'm not doing ANYTHING to the bike. I'm not touching it except to ride it. I AM NOT SCREWING THIS UP!!!

Wife asks me "Are your tires good for this trip?" I reply "Of course they are!" Previous PR2's went 15K miles, and the bike hasn't been ridden that much since I put on a set of Pirelli Angel GT tires.

Of course, when your wife asks you something like this, you wait till she's out of the house to go check. Dangit. Tires are worn down the middle with only 7K on them. Now I not only have to fess up that she was right and I was wrong, but I have to order and change tires before the trip.

Hmmm, bike is due for an oil change too...I can handle that.

Before very long, my bike looked like this...

Tires changed - Check!
Oil changed - Check!
New Gerbing heated gear controller installed - Check!
New auto accessory plug installed for charging - Check!
All good. 

I picked up a Gerbing suit with liners for the trip, so I'm rolling with new unknown gear. Also, I wore out my old gloves and picked up a brand new set of Dainese Veloce gloves that I'll be painfully breaking in on the trip, seen in the image below. Other than that, everything seems ready to go.

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