Saturday, November 3, 2012

Elevators and keys.

When I got my bike, I got two keys.  One was fiddly and didn't work so well.  I didn't trust it so it got stashed as my "Spare."  I've been wanting to get some extras though, especially for the cool knobs for my side bags that I was given at the BBQ4U.

Well, I've had two unsuccessful attempts at getting at least one spare key made.  I've got the latest failure ready to take back this weekend and have them try again.

So where's the funny?  Patience, I'm getting there!  Leaving work this afternoon I realize I left something at my desk.  I toss all my stuff into the Shad and lock it and head back upstairs.  Grab what I forgot, take the elevator back to the lobby.  Then as I board the elevator to the parking garage my keys slip out of my fingers and drop directly through the gap between the building and the elevator car.

Ugh, off to find building security.  He and I head downstairs and go through all kinds of maintenance doors and while we are able to find the room under the main elevators, we can't find the one I need.  He calls maintenance and they inform him that there's no room under it.  A call to the building manager and they tell me they can't do anything till Monday and it's going to require calling out an elevator tech at my cost!  Couple hundred bucks they say.

Ugh.  My work laptop, my wallet, my phone, it's all in my Shad.  I call from the building but my wife won't pick up because she doesn't recognize the number.  Finally get a hold of her dad and then her and I wait for a ride to bring the spare key for the trunk and take me home.  Then a long search of the house and I finally turned up the spare key with the little key reorder tag code thing.  Fell off the hook where I keep it and was under the washer.

So yea, to top it all off, me and the kiddo missed our father/son movie night so I took him for some fast food.  He asks for Wendy's.  I noticed it was packed but it wasn't till I placed my order that I realized it was "Old people karaoke night."  Sigh...this really hasn't been my day.

So, take a moment and laugh at me.