Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New 2007 MINI Cooper S

So for the past few years my commute has lengthened rendering my truck more and more expensive to drive. Now it's 60 miles round trip daily. Sure the bike affords me the HOV lane to ride in, however commute time via the 635 HOV between Seagoville and the Galleria area takes just as long to drive a car up 175 and 75. Add in that at least one day of the week someone loses control of their vehicle and crashes blocking the HOV and I spend time on the bike sitting in traffic that I was purposely trying to avoid by riding, and the advantage of riding a bike narrows.

So I got tired of paying for a vehicle that hardly gets any use and decided it was time to trade it in for something that will get use. Hence, my miserly greeen new purchase.

Woohoo, this thing is a ball of fun! Definitely more fun than the truck and almost as fun as the bike and better in the extreme elements of weather.

The nice thing I can ride to work because I want to ride and on days when I want to ride. This means that every time I get on the bike I should be enjoying myself rather than seeing it as just another utilitarian tool.

Add in the fact that I got this thing no money down for about the same payment as I was in on my truck and got to skip a month, I may well just be able to pull down my for sale ad.   Skipping that month will totally pay for my wife's physical therapy which will help us get through this period and get her back to work.

Which brings up another reason for the purchase. If she goes back to work, the kiddo will be headed to daycare/preschool. This means likely one of us will be dropping him off and another will be picking him up. That would mean either trying to pick up a two year old on a motorcycle....not happening....or being forced to take the truck to work. So it works out well in the end.